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What to expect from your first facial or skincare service!

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Professional skincare services have been around for many years but the benefits from these services still seem like a mystery to many seeking to repair or correct skin issues. Solving the mystery is easy if you know what to expect from your first facial or skincare service?

Good skin starts with good skincare!

Did you know your skin starts aging from the minute you are born? Upon arrival you are exposed to thousands of elements that begin the aging process on our skin. Of course we don't begin to see the effects of these elements until much later in life, this is why good skincare needs to start while you are young and needs to be sustained throughout your lifetime.

Your skin is only as healthy as the effort you decide to put into it. It will be up to you to start protecting your skin from harsh elements as soon as possible. Start to hydrate your skin by drinking your recommended daily amounts of water, and establish a good skincare routine with a professional. These esthetic professionals are trained to guide you through an at home skincare routine as well as performing skincare services designed specifically for your skins needs. There are many skincare services available on the market today but most estheticians will begin by analyzing your skin and starting off with a basic facial designed to address your skins specific needs.

The Basic Facial

The basic facial is designed to cleanse your skin, exfoliate your skin, hydrate your skin and get your lymphatic system recharged with a facial massage. It will also address any issues your skin may have by adding specific products that can address your skincare needs, such as; acne, fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, age spots, and hydration. The results of a basic facial will be clean, exfoliated skin that looks healthy and glowing. The basic facial is the starting point for a good professional skincare routine and most estheticians will recommend six to twelve facials a year.

Chemical Facial Peels

The chemical peel process is designed to strip away the surface layer of dead skin cells to promote regeneration of new and healthier skin cells. The chemical peel process uses acidic solutions to exfoliate and peel the skin. This process is designed to treat sun damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scaring, crepey skin, and uneven skin patches. The recovery time for a facial peel is three to five days and will mean, as the name implies, that you will experience dryness and flaking skin post treatment for a few days. The results of a facial peel will brighten the skin and promote healthy new skin cells to replace the dull dry surface cells you had before. Most estheticians will not perform a facial peel until you have experienced a basic facial and if your skin is not in need of a peel. Most estheticians will not recommend more than two chemical peels per year.


The aftercare of your professional skincare procedure will determine how long the results last for your skin. Following the recommendations of your skincare professional and using quality skincare always makes a huge difference in how your skin looks and feels. It will be up to you the individual to maintain your skin and keep your body and skin hydrated. One of the simplest solutions to glowing skin is hydrated skin. So drink up that water and get to know your local skincare professional. They are trained to help you keep your skin as beautiful as possible.

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