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Skincare and Makeup Packing Tips for Beautiful Travelers

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

I love to travel but I hate packing! When it came to my makeup and skincare it was just a burden to try and figure out what to bring and what to leave behind. There is nothing worse than carting a bunch of stuff across the world only to realize I only used 1/4 of the items I brought. If you're like me and want less packing headaches and more enjoyment from your vacation, it's time to learn to pack light and enjoy the vacation you have been dreaming of.

Start with a good makeup bag!

When it comes to traveling, less is truly more!

That also applies to your skincare and makeup supplies, the less you pack the more you can enjoy your trip. So finding a good makeup bag that is easy to fill, easy to store, and holds all the items you need for your vacation can be crucial to your suitcase packing.

I prefer something lightweight that can either hang from a rack or spreads open so I can see all my products. I love this one from HaloVa because it is compact yet roomy and it has a hook so I can hang it anywhere and it doesn't take up precious counter space.

Multi-purpose makeup products!

Shimmer Stick Makeup

I love multi-purpose cosmetics and skincare, it means I get to carry less and have more!

What is a multi-purpose product and how does it work?

They are one product that you can use for several purposes. My all-time favorite is the NARS multi-purpose stick in the color Orgasm. It has a soft peachy tone with a hint of shimmer and is perfect for every skin tone, it can be used as a lipstick, blush, and as a shimmery lightweight eyeshadow. Perfect!

Bronzing Powder Makeup

If you prefer a powder product for your skin get a shimmery or dual bronzer to create that sun-kissed look and it can be applied to the cheeks, the lips and the lids. My bronzer is a staple in my makeup bag but I never leave it behind when I'm on a vacation that leads me to sunshine. I use it to give color to my cheeks and a boost to my eyes and lips! I mix it with a clear lipgloss to apply to my lips for a perfect shimmery smile. I dab it on my cheeks and my forehead or where ever the sun would hit and I swipe it on my eyelids for a sultry shadowy eye. I like this one from

Bare Minerals

Invisible Bronze Powder.

Multi-purpose skincare products!

When it comes to traveling with skincare products the first rule is to leave behind the liquids and gel products and utilize the amazing new stick products. These little beauties won't spill in your bag and ruin that great beach dress you brought along and they are easy to pack. I have many favorite stick products but these coconut oil-based ones from 'Yes To' are low cost and work great.

  • Cleanser

  • Moisturizer

  • Makeup Wipes

Say hello to the perfect traveling skincare products.

More of my favorites!

Want to see more of my favorite traveling products? Visit MY PAGE and see a few of my recommendations to make your next adventure more fun and less complicated.

Have a beautiful and fun vacation.

Cheers, Toni










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