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How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed by Your Beauty Business

Are you feeling run down and overwhelmed by your business? Is your business starting to run you instead of you running it? Are you struggling to find focus and purpose?

Business overwhelm is normal but it can be overcome by installing a few simple techniques to ease your stress. You started your business because you ad a passion that became a purpose, don't let business overwhelm take over and steal that passion.

Here are my top 5 ways to turn your beauty business into a joyful experience and overcome those feelings of being overwhelmed.

  1. Take a break! Give yourself one day a week or one day a month that belongs to you. Schedule a day for yourself and stop the hamster wheel long enough to catch your breath and breathe. Take a walk, a hike, or a long bike ride. Enjoy a yoga or pilates class. Get creative and join a monthly paint class. Do something for yourself that feels good.

  2. Eliminate things from your business that are not profitable or are no longer giving you a return on investment.

  3. Take a look at your services that are profitable and are making a differnce but require less time and effort from you. Implement a more streamlined service structure that will give you more breathing room in your business.

  4. Hire virtual professionals who can ease your workload and will give you back more time to focus on your trade craft. In todays world there are thousands of professionals who can and want to do your socail media management. Hire a virtual assistant or receptionist to field your phone calls and email. Hire a virtual email guru to run your email marketing.

  5. Set up a monthly calendar that you can actually follow and include lunch breaks as well as afternnon breaks away from the workload. Use your calendar to incorporate events that are enjoyable as well as work related. Your calendar can be your best tool for giving yourself the time you need to stress less and overcome feeling overwhelmed.

You are the master of your business but you are also the master of your planner. So use that plan to give yourself some relief.

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xo Toni

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