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Getting The Most From Your Professional Photoshoot

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Remember the days of the old glamour shots? Who could forget! Too much makeup, terrible lighting, big hair and you were forced to strike a pose that was uncomfortable and looked staged. The results were often not a reflection of the woman you really are.

But the dawn of a new day has come thanks to the talented photographers who are creative and artistic and who want to showcase the uniqueness of you. Glamour and portrait shots are no longer about a stiff pose but about who you are and what you represent. They are sultry and sexy without being harsh and over-processed. The photographers of today are all about good lighting, creative editing and the reflections that showcase you as an individual.

Reflections, a Self Portrait
Model: Fiera Fox | Photographer: Flamingo Tongue Creations

Extraordinary Photos

How do you get extraordinary photos from your portrait session?

  • The first step is to choose the right people to work with and knowing in advance the look you want to achieve. The style you want to portray should reflect the woman you are and how you see yourself in the world around you. Doing your research and taking the time to know the style of your photographer is also a part of the process. Each photographer has their own unique approach to photography and you have your own unique vision, the two should be well matched.

Behind the scenes of a professional portrait shoot.
Ms. Vivian Beck & Photographer Bob Harris
  • Second, you need to know your budget and be realistic about what it takes to produce quality work. To get good results you need to invest in the creative team who can bring your vision to life. They are the talent you are hiring to create a piece of art that ultimately could sit on the mantle for many years to come. Photos are meant to last forever so choose your talent well to achieve the results you want. "I have had women save for months to work with the team they wanted for their portrait photo session," said Keisha Garrett, Richmond Virginia Photographer. The results of hiring talented people who see your vision will be well worth the money you invest.

  • Third, hire a team who knows what they're doing. Often a photoshoot can have a whole team of talented professionals sharing in your vision. Consider using a professional stylist who will help you choose the outfits for the shoot, they will also help you with your props. Hire a professional makeup artist who works with portrait photography and can visualize the look you are trying to achieve. If you don't want to invest in a makeup artist then, by all means, take a makeup class to help you learn the inside secrets to applying makeup. I recommend this book for any woman wanting to know more about getting the most from her makeup kit. Makeup Magic: You Guide to Flawless Makeup

Adding a touch color on the model at the Artist Circle Studio in Purcellville Virginia
Ms. Vivian Beck | Makeup, Toni Tomas | Photo, Brie Walker | Stylist, Virginia Kerns
"I think every woman should have her portrait taken at least once in her life." -Toni Thomas

Show Your Style

Show your unique style and let the world see the woman you truly are. We are not all models and that's what makes us so special. You have so much to share, you are a beautiful woman with a unique style and although you may have never considered getting a professional portrait taken of yourself I think you should.

Let the world see the woman you are and the reflections created in your own special style.

What are you waiting for? Today is the day to think about a self portrait.


Toni Thomas


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