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Collaboration is Key to Your Long Term Success

Working with other professionals in the industry who know you as a reliable and well-educated makeup artist will take your career on a swift ride to the top. Who do you work with and how do you make a collaboration a successful outcome for everyone?

Kelsea, Toni, Model, Keisha, Kenny
My Crew!

Get Connected

If you want to get your career off to a great start it will be up to you to seek out the professionals in your area who are working in and around the industry you wish to work in. For an aspiring makeup artist, these professionals can be in creative careers but they can also be in the service industry and corporate careers.

Who should you be collaborating with?

  1. Event Planners

  2. Fashion, Editorial & Portrait Photographers

  3. Studio Owners

  4. Magazine Editors

  5. Fashion Designers

  6. Models

  7. Beauty Bloggers

  8. Boutique Owners

  9. Jewelry Designers

  10. Runway Producers

  11. Hair Stylists

  12. Corporate Stylists

  13. Fashion Stylists

  14. Cosmetic Company Owners

  15. Fellow Makeup Artists

Collaborating is important but taking those connections and creating real relationships will mean long term success and give you some of the best times of your life.

As a working editorial and fashion makeup artist, my collaborations have led to long term friendships and some of the greatest moments of my career. I am blessed to have the most creative people in my life who started out as collaborations and become some of my closest friends. Here we are at NYFW 2019 working for ASC Fashion and the entire makeup crew.

NYFW ASC Fashion Week Makeup Team

Build the career of your dreams and create long-lasting relationships along the way!

Cheers my friends,


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